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Sheet Piles:

We keep ground disturbance to a minimum installing the sheet piles by pressing them in place, rather than the more commonly used vibrating technique.  This allows us to install the sheeting close to existing structures, safeguarding their integrity.  Our crews' have perfected this form of installation, allowing them to work in some of the most restricted and often awkward spaces that are synonymous with the Chicagoland area. Whether your project requires a cantilever wall structure, or sheet pile installation with bracing, our union operators have countless hours of experience to take on even the most complex of jobs safely and efficiently.

Our operators start out by pre-drilling holes to the required depth based on the guidelines set forth by the structural engineer.  These holes are backfilled with concrete or grout and the H Piles are then set in place at regular intervals.  Lagging is installed horizontally to retain the soil, and our team carefully backfills the void behind the lagging. Additionally, our crews may install an internal bracing system to complement the soldier piles and lagging to further strengthen this earth retention system during construction based on your project's unique specifications.


Soldier Piles and Lagging:

At Quality Excavation we pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with technological advances in the structural engineering arena by working alongside Chicagoland's most innovative engineering companies.


We understand the detailed nuances of Chicago's landscape, which is made up of tight spaces and awkward lots.  Unlike others, we don't shy away from complex projects: we tackle them head on, working side-by-side with your team to ensure the seamless installation of the ERS (Earth Retention System) laid out by your structural engineers.


Our areas of expertise include the installation of the following Earth Retentions Systems:


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