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When it comes to demolition projects in Chicago, no two jobs are alike.  Some of Chicagoland’s most sought after properties often feature confined working environments in close proximity to neighboring businesses and residences.  At Quality Excavation, our crews welcome the most challenging of demolition projects.  

Our highly trained operators are committed to seamlessly executing the demolition of your structure laid out by our project management team.  Having worked on some of the most complex and often cramped demolition projects has prepared them for any type of demolition project with which they are presented.

Excavation Excavation

Permits obtained by in house expeditor:

•All permits obtained by our in-house expeditor

•Licensed, insured and bonded for demolition of structures up to 4 stories

•90% of all demolition debris recycled

•Fully compliant with all City and State EPA regulations

•All crew members are OSHA Certified


Your project begins with our support staff pulling all necessary permits, ruling out work stoppages due to non-compliance with city, state or federally mandated regulations.  A sequence of work activities is compiled by our project management team, outlining each phase of your demolition project.  They then choose the equipment from our fleet that is best suited to your project to increase efficiency and allow for a more controlled operation.  All demolition activity outlined will be conducted to ensure the structural integrity of any adjacent buildings and/or party walls. Our project managers work in tandem with your team, keeping you updated throughout the job and are always available to answer any questions you may have from the beginning through the completion of your project.

For the entirety of your demolition project, our laborers are on-site to assist our operators, keeping dust to a minimum and protecting all those who enter or exit the jobsite.  In addition, they make certain that any interruptions to your neighbors are kept to a minimum.  Upon completion, our expert team of operators prepare and grade your site in accordance with your project’s specifications, ready for the next phase of the development.

With the use of our on-site screener, we go above and beyond the Chicago Environmental Protection and Control Ordinance, successfully recycling 90% of demolition debris. In addition we work closely with and recommend licensed exterminators and asbestos abatement experts, when applicable, to ensure your project is fully compliant with all City and State EPA and Public Health regulations.


We are fully licensed, insured and bonded with the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, giving you the peace of mind that your investment is protected for all work performed by Quality Excavation.

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